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(Feb 11, 2015)

Hello to All,

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and will soon be upon us. Last month I presented the upcoming calendar that focuses on one specific goal, to increase membership. Everything I (we) do from applying for the AMA Leader Club Award, prioritizing of the budget, seeking outside funding sources, hosting special events, field improvement, and increasing positive exposure to the community must always center on the goal of increasing club membership.

We must continue to maintain the appearance and upkeep of the Rich Hall TVF Field. First impressions are important to any visitor or potential new member and there are numerous good things going for us. We have a six-foot tall chain link fence that separates the spectator area from the six flight stations. We have overhead shade, chairs, fourteen ready tables, a hard surface runway, helo pad, storage shed, charging station, party area, and a wealth of talented members to name a few. So let us take this club to the next level, find your niche, volunteer, and take charge of an area that the club can use your expertise.

The running of this club is not up to any one person or a few individuals. It is the collective energy of the entire club membership. We all have talents that can take this club to the next level. I have seen many of you help out our junior members as they begin their RC experience and older new members to the sport who are searching for a lifelong activity. The key point here is the wealth of talent and experience that we have.

This year’s 2015 AMA Leader Club Program Award Packet is completed and submitted to the AMA. I feel confident that we will attain the Gold Level Rating once again. I see this award as a way for us to seek additional funding sources, display a level of achievement, attain bragging rights in our area, and draw new members. Why do I feel so confident, it is because of the actions of various members stepping up to the plate and taking the point.

For example, Don Starr managing the storage shed and the trainers. In addition, reorganizing the shed with the help of Ken Koorndyk, Jim Bausch, John Bikle, Art Horne, Ken Turner, and others to make it more assessable and minimizing the direct heat on the trainers. John Bikle, Ken Turner, and now Les Crook becoming the nucleus of the fix wing instructors and Jeff Blue is our resident Helo trainer. Jerry Supler assuming the duties of “Cook” and dragging of the field. Art Horne serving as the resident expert for electrical questions. Bob Woodward and Ken Koorndyk took on the recovering and repairing six of the workbenches. Jack Vail getting an alternate meeting site for some mid-week monthly General Meetings during the colder months. For Ken Turner who coordinated a great Christmas Party at Richie’s Dinner. Matt Stein as he finds material to support the publication of ten newsletters and Tony Poletti managing the Club’s WebPages.

The Board Members who put in the extra time to make the events happen, pay the bills, and develop the “road ahead” so the club can continue. Last but certainly not least, the General Members for help and assistance in making the club a great place to go to, support, and participate in all the events. Finally, the AMA recommends that it’s chartered Clubs hold a Safety Review each year with its members. During the January General Membership Meeting, I discuss the importance of Safety, which several members began to participate and share their stories of accidents. I have asked Matt to focus the theme of the Newsletter for February to be Safety.

Each year when we renew our membership application, we must affirm that we have read and understand the AMA and TVF Safety Codes. These same safety codes and rules are posted at the field to remind us of safety. Some have asked me why we must sign to signify that we have read the safety codes. My answer is simple; it causes each of us to take time and think of RC safety at the field and at home when we are working on our planes and equipment. I have heard members share stories about runaway props cutting individual’s arm, clothing, or worst. Individuals who had burn themselves with a soldering iron as it lay on the bench and not in its cradle. How charging LiPo batteries (or the other types) may become unsafe especially without supervision. LiPo batteries that puffed up became warm and dangerous as some caught fire and not in a fireproof container. In the February AMA Journal on page 89 it has an article that discusses Lipo battery fires.

I hope to see that the club uses January General Membership Meeting to review and discuss safety and then focus the theme of the Newsletter for February to be Safety. If I recall the statistic about aviation accidents, approximately 90% of all accidents are human error.

By re-reading the safety code, following procedures, and being careful, we can minimize the chance of an accident. Safety is paramount and there is no such thing as an accident. I truly believe that TVF is the place to be and fly safe.

Please mark your calendar for Feb 12, 2015 beginning at 7:00PM at the Temeku Clubhouse Center.

Safe Flying

Tony Poletti

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